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Image from page 228 of "On the natural history and classification of birds" (1836)

Image from page 228 of
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Identifier: onnaturalhistor221836swai
Title: On the natural history and classification of birds
Year: 1836 (1830s)
Authors: Swainson, William, 1789-1855
Subjects: Birds Ornithology
Publisher: London : Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman : John Taylor
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
e. Lesson, Cent. - - Lessons Centurie Zoologique. Z. Miss. - - Leachs Zoological Miscellany. Freyc. Voy., or Fr. V. - Freycinets Voyage autour du Monde. Spix - - Spixs Avium Species Novae. Lin. Tr. - - Transactions of the Linnaean Society. Vieil. Gal., or V. G. - Vieillots Galerie des Oiseaux. Vieil. Am.,or O. Am. - Hist. Nat. des Oiseaux de lAmerique.! Ois. Ch. - - Vieillots Oiseaux Chanteurs. N. Z. - - Northern Zoology, vol. ii. rj . T11 „ T f Zoological Illustrations, i. (first seriesZool. 111., or Z. I. --{ .. r j : \9 \ n. (second series). * Introduction to Botany, 2d ed. p. 383. RAPTORES. VULTURID.E. 205 Horsf. JavaZ. P. Braz. B. - - The Birds of Brazil. W. Af. - The Birds of Western Africa. {Horsfields Zoological Researches inJava.- Proceedings of the Zool. Soc.Z. Journ., or Zool. J. - Zoological Journal.Edwards, or Ed. - Edwards Nat. Hist, of Birds. Brown, 111. - - Illustrations of Natural History. Lears - - Illustrations of the Psittacidse. Sav. - - Savignys Birds of Egypt.

Text Appearing After Image:
Order I. RAPTORES. Rapacious Birds. Family VULTURID^E. The Vultures.Size large. Body thick, heavy. Bill and legs verystrong; the former hooked, but not toothed. Clawsbut slightly curved, and hardly retractile. Head andneck, in general, more or less naked.Vultur, Linn. Nostrils naked,transverse. Wings with thefourth quill longest. Head andbill destitute of caruncles. Tailfeathers 12—14. Inhabits the Old World, (fig. 180.)V. fulvus. PI. Enl. 426. galericulatus. PJ. Col. IS. auricularis. 18. indicus. Ois. dAf. 11.;cinereus. PL Enl. 425. PI. Col. 26. pondicereanus. PI. Col. 2. monachus. PI. Col. 426. Cathartes, Illiger. Nostrils naked, longitudinal. Wings with the third quill equal to the fourth, and longest. Inhabits, with one exception, the New World. Typical.Sarcoramphus, Dumerel. Head and neck naked. Bill and feet strong; f^^^^S)^~^Cjl the former with an elevated fleshy I ^ caruncle, (fig. 181.) S, papa. Ed. 2. condor. PI. Col. 133. 408. Cathartes, Illiger. Head and part ^

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bookid:onnaturalhistor221836swai bookyear:1836 bookdecade:1830 bookcentury:1800 bookauthor:Swainson__William__1789_1855 booksubject:Birds booksubject:Ornithology bookpublisher:London___Printed_for_Longman__Rees__Orme__Brown__Green___Longman___John_Taylor bookcontributor:Smithsonian_Libraries booksponsor:Biodiversity_Heritage_Library bookleafnumber:228 bookcollection:biodiversity BHL Collection BHL Consortium

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